Protokol - innovative speech-to-text service

Protokol captures all voices from any meeting and transcribe it into the proof read text form

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What is Protokol about

transcribe multiple voices from any meeting, interview, conference or other voice negotiations. Ability to complete a text search from transcribed files.

Ready file

Protokol is keeping track of who said what, provides basic analytics, punctuation and distribute ready file to all meeting participants

Analyzes Data

Based on semantic analysis of text, Protokol provides employees analytics for their productivity and activity

Speech to text

Protokol captures audio from any meeting and automatically transcribes it into a complete text file


We have developed Protokol on the junction of truly innovative technologies such as speech-to-text transcription,
semantic analysis and voice verification.

Voice verification

Absolutely unique voice verification program which will be integrated into Protokol is our own technology, based on capturing many voice parameters and identifying user. With this technology soon we will implement brand new functions such as voice signature, voiceprint and many more


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We make your work more
Ņonvenient and productive

This is perfect solution for product teams, advertising and public relations agencies and many other teams, who hold meetings, brainstorms etc.

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